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What is the infinitive form in spanish
What is the infinitive form in spanish

What is the infinitive form in spanish

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We usually learn Spanish verbs in the infinitive, since that is what By now you're used to using infinitives (the form of a verb that ends in –AR, -ER, If you translated these directly into Spanish, you may be tempted to use theAn infinitive ends in “r” and usually means: “to ____”. The infinitive is the basic, unconjugated form of a verb, sometimes called the name of the verb. By now you know that the basic, non-conjugated form of a Spanish verb is called an "infinitive." You've probably already spent a good deal of time learning how Online game for learning Spanish verbs from the Digital Dialects Spanish website. In English, the term is usually used to refer to the "to + verb" form of Quick explanation: A verb is the action in the sentence. In Spanish, infinitives always end in -ar, -er, or -ir. The infinitive is the base form of Definition: The most basic form of a verb. An infinitive is the simplest form of the verb. In Spanish, infinitives consist of only one word and are separated into three different conjugation sets according to their endings, -AR, -ER, and -IR such as The category is determined by the last two letters of the infinitive: -ar verbs (like hablar) -er verbs (like comer) -ir verbs (like vivir).

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